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Do you charge a fee for the myintercom app?

The myintercom app is available free of charge from the Apple AppStore or from Google Play for iPhone, iPad and for Android smartphones/tablets.

Can I use a Windows Phone in connection with myintercom?

Currently, the apps are only available for iOS, Android and Windows PC, and at the moment we do not plan to add a fourth platform.

We already have an intercom device in our house, can we replace it with myintercom?

Yes, special front panels for the replacement of older devices are available upon request.

Can I use Wi-Fi to connect myintercom to my router?

When considering stability and range, Wi-Fi cannot be regarded as a reliable means of connection from your intercom device to your router, as the robust metal housing of the door intercom and the outer walls of your house strongly shield the Wi-Fi signal. For this reason, the door intercom device does not include a Wi-Fi module. Instead of using a network cable for connection, you may also use 2-wire-modules to connect the device to your router. For reliability reasons, we suggest a wired connection.

Is there a wall holder for my iPhone or iPad?

There is a wall holder including a charger for iPad in black e.g. made by iRoom. A wall holder including a charger for iPhone is e.g. available from WHD.

I am a specialised retailer and would like to present myintercom as part of my showroom. Is there a possibility to obtain myintercom at a reduced rate for demonstration purposes?

In order to include myintercom into your showroom, we offer demo rates for specialised retailers. Contact.

The door intercom station includes an HDTV image sensor made by Axis Communications. Can I use this sensor for other purposes as well?

The myintercom door intercom station is a closed system using well-harmonised hardware and software components together with an extensive security concept. Consequently, the HDTV image sensor has been fitted with a special firmware and does not support the standard Axis API. For home automation purposes, there is an extensive myintercom API available that allows you to control your myintercom door intercom station in numerous ways via an HTTP protocol. You may use the Axis standard API to control the additional camera "myintercom Cam1" in order to e.g. include this additional camera into a video management software (VMS).

Can I connect my standard doorbell or open door function with the door intercom station?

Yes, this is possible. Simply connect these features to the connections specifically available on the myintercom basic electronics for this very purpose.

Which electronic open door function may be used with the myintercom station?

The myintercom One station provides 12V alternating current for the open door function. Generally speaking, all standard electronic open door functions, which support 12V alternating currents, should be compatible. An example is available here (ASSA ABLOY 17----------D11). The myintercom Plus station also provides 12V alternating current for the open door function. As the myintercom Plus station uses PoE for power supply, direct power supply for one open door function (with 9 W max.) is possible. Generally speaking, all open door functions using a coil resistance of 16 ohms or more can be used.

Do you suggest a certain type of doorbell or button to use on the inside?

With your myintercom One station, you may connect any standard doorbell. With your myintercom Plus station, you may connect up to three doorbells depending on the number of ring buttons available, e.g. made by Grothe. The door intercom station does not supply power to the doorbell. It only provides a switching contact. The switching output on the door intercom station myintercom One can hold a maximum power of 20 V direct current (2.5 A) or 20 V alternating current (2.5 A) respectively. On the inside, you may also connect a standard open door button to the myintercom station to activate the open door function. The switching output on the door intercom station myintercom Plus can hold a maximum power of 20 V direct current (1 A). On the inside, you may also connect up to three standard open door buttons to the myintercom station to activate the open door function.

The time stamp on the live image feed from the door station is wrong and the door station archive entries appear in the wrong order. What's the cause?

The door station repeatedly synchronises its date and time with an online time server (NTP) provided by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Germany's National Metrology Institute) at "". Please ensure that the door station can establish an Internet connection. Should the door station not be able to establish an Internet connection or should you want to disable the door station from establishing an Internet connection, you may enter a time server (NTP) within your local network via the app (settings > administration), e.g. the IP address of your router (provided the router includes an NTP server). In this case, please also verify the time settings of your router.

Can I also download the myintercom app to my smartphone / tablet without a Google Play / Android Market account?

No, side-loading is not available. In light of warranty and support considerations, we require that Google has approved the device for the manufacturer and has authorized it to be used with Google Play. Without an active Google Play account, the mobile device does not provide all the necessary functions from the Android operating system, e.g. security certificates, push notifications via the Google server etc.

What are the technical specifications for myintercom and how to mount the door intercom station?

Diese Daten können Sie dem Handbuch entnehmen.

Why do I not get to choose a deliberate user name and password?

The user names depend on the hardware serial number and serve as a unique identifier. For data protection and privacy reasons, the app assigns passwords at random and those passwords cannot be changed to simpler or less safe passwords.

Why do I never get a standard push notification on my mobile device when someone rings at my front door?

Please check the following steps in the order shown here:
  1. Internet connection status of your door intercom station
  2. Internet connection status of your mobile device, e.g. by opening a browser on your mobile device to access the page
  3. Installation status of the myintercom app on your mobile device and installation status of the door intercom station in question within the app settings and if a life image feed from the door intercom station is available in the app or not.
  4. Authorisation for the myintercom app to display push notifications on your mobile device. This setting is usually changed once after having installed the app in question. You may change this setting at a later stage in the notifications centre of your mobile device
  5. 5. Activation status of push notifications within the myintercom app on your mobile device for the door intercom station in question (myintercom app -> settings -> door intercom station -> push notifications -> On).
  6. 6. Make sure that the smart cover of your mobile device is not closed (the magnetic switch inside the smart cover will activate the iPad sleeping mode, and as a consequence, push notifications from apps will only be displayed after the smart cover has been opened again; this is the Apple defined standard).
Where you find all items mentioned above to be okay, a firewall is blocking one or multiple ports necessary for the door intercom station. If you do no longer receive push notifications after having updated to iOS8, please restart the app on your mobile device while being connected to the internet, change to the live view and leave the app on for one minute. Should this not bring back push notifications, please remove the app and download it anew from the AppStore. (There is a general bug in Apple's iOS8 operating system when it comes to push notifications after updating.)

I do not get a push notification every time someone rings my front door, why is that?

When a visitor rings the bell on your door intercom station, you will certainly receive a push notification, provided the door intercom station is connected to the Internet and the mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone/tablet) can also connect to the Internet via GSM (inserted SIM card). Else it is possible, that depending on the settings, your entire mobile device or parts switch to power saving mode. Please also ensure that upon installation of the app you have authorised push notifications to be sent and that the corresponding option has been activated for the door intercom station in question in the settings section (settings -> door intercom station -> [x] push notifications). In case you use a smart cover together with your iPad, please make sure that the smart cover is left open (the magnetic switch inside the smart cover will activate the iPad sleeping mode, and as a consequence, push notifications from apps will only be displayed after the smart cover has been opened again; this is the Apple defined standard). Please also observe the following point.

Why do Android smartphones or tablets provide such inferior audio quality when compared to iPhone or iPad?

iPhone and iPad use high-quality and well-harmonised audio components, a fact that has repeatedly been proven by independent comparison tests carried out with iOS and Android devices. The audio quality (sound, volume, echo) varies greatly from Android device to Android device because of built-in audio hardware of inferior quality (microphone, speaker, DSP, design and construction), and it is not possible to influence these quality factors through any software. To ensure first-class audio quality, we recommend using an iPhone or iPad together with your myintercom door station. A few faulty low-end Android devices do not transmit any audio data, you can check this here.

I can access the door station myintercom One from the myintercom app and I can also see the live image feed, but I cannot establish an audio connection? Why is that?

Please check the power supply to your myintercom One door station. To operate the myintercom One door station, you need one of our original 15V power supply units, available separately. When using an iPhone or an iPad, please ensure, that you have activated the microphone within the Privacy settings of your myintercom app (iOS > Settings > Privacy > Microphone).

I am a network administrator. Which ports does the service use?

Please confer this document.

I want to add a second camera to the one that is already included in the door intercom station and also use it with the myintercom app. Is that possible?

Yes, the additional camera "myintercom Cam1" is separately available for exactly this purpose, and it can be used both inside and outdoors (with a ceiling or wall mounting). You may also integrate this additional camera into a video management software (VMS).

How can I transfer the live image feed from the myintercom door station to a standard monitor or TV?

Please confer this document.

Does myintercom come with SIP support?

For a more comfortable use, the myintercom devices do not support SIP, as there is no globally uniform SIP video standard. This actually leads to an incompatibility of SIP video telephones across manufacturers or models.

In lieu of Wi-Fi/3G/4G, can I use GPRS/EDGE to connect with my door intercom station?

To establish a voice connection, you need Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G connection. In a mobile network with a GPRS/EDGE connection, there is too much packet loss for audio transmission and the RTT is also too long. It is possible that a picture will actually be transmitted, but despite myintercom's higher prioritisation of audio packages to video packages, it is, for the above mentioned reasons, not possible to guarantee a reliable voice connection in GPRS/EDGE. These properties are the same for IP telephone services like SIP, Skype, etc.

Is there a myintercom software available for MacOS X?

Currently, we do not offer the software for Mac OS X computers, but there is a version for Windows PC.

Do I need an Internet connection in all scenarios?

Yes, this requirement exists since the product has been launched, as the doorbell signals from the door intercom stations are directly transmitted to the operating system of your mobile device (standard push notification). This port is also active while the app is running in the background, but it needs an established Internet connection. Mobile operating systems like iOS and Android have recently started to cut off apps with network activity running in the background for too long periods of time, however, this would be necessary to guarantee that you receive the doorbell signal without Internet connection. This is also the reason, why the experimental function "LAN push notification" built into the app only works with older operating systems.

Can I use another power supply unit, i.e. not the original Telecom Behnke power supply unit for the door intercom station?

No, for warranty purposes and to ensure a smooth operation, you have to use an original Behnke power supply unit (plug, top hat rail, PoE). Interferences in these power supply units have been eliminated specifically for this purpose and they have a special output characterisation. Via the Behnke power supply unit, you can also supply power to any standard open door function using 12 V AC that is connected to the door intercom station. Special door or motor locks need to be plugged in with a separate power supply unit.

I can open the door or turn on the light via the Internet, but I don't see a video or do not hear anything. Why is that?

Your mobile data or Internet service provider either actively blocks transmission of audio & video data or generally blocks the transmission of UDP data. This is beyond our reach. Some mobile data or Internet service providers actively suppress this type of transmission depending on your data plan (the same applies to SIP, Skype, WhatsApp and the like). Please talk to your mobile data or Internet service provider, usually they can easily help you out here.

How to check proper functioning of the door intercom station at the installation site (network / power supply?)

Please confer this document.

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