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Where you need functions that do have not been implemented as part of the standard range of myintercom products, this calls for an individual solution:
These one of a kind pieces will be produced once the requirements have been fully assessed and after it has been ascertained that their technical realisation is possible. The example shown here combines myintercom features with a fingerprint and a card reader. The entire technology is installed on the reverse side of a mailbox column.


Intercom stations, columns or mailboxes - when it comes to designing your front door, our special solutions hardly leave anything to wish for.
This example presents a tailor-made mailbox column with mail slit and retrieval container. The functional elements have clearly been structured in two columns with rear-end installation. There is a top lighting cover to illuminate the column that also serves as a sign containing the street name and house number as a full engraving with background illumination in acrylic glass.

myintercom is a joint project of Telecom Behnke GmbH and 1000eyes GmbH